Along with our German Shorthaired Pointers we raise a sheep that originates from Germany, the East Friesian (or more accurately breed crosses).

In the sheep world the two breeds renowned for their milk producing ability are the East Friesians and (French) Lacaune.

These wool sheep have an absolutely wonderful, docile personality and are a pleasure to keep on the farm.

Though we raise them for dairy purposes, in order to breed a bigger, faster growing, sheep, that retains it’s temperment and heavy milking we’ve turned to crossing our girls with our Registered Tunis ram, “Archie.”

Tunis are a great sheep in their own right, made famous by George Washington when he received a flock from a Tunisian diplomat and fell in love with the breed.

Available Sheep:


Gender: Ram
Age: about 1 year.
Breed: East Friesian x Finn Sheep Cross.
Price: $200

Finn sheep are known for their wool and exceptional flavor of their meet.