Kune Kune

Our Kune Kune boar, Elvis Piggsley.

More recently to the farm is our entry into the realm of Kune Kune pigs.

No they aren’t German…

Kune Kune pigs come from New Zealand. They were a pig domesticated by the Māori people. Their name pronounced “Cooney Cooney,” means fat and round in Māori.

We were drawn to Kune Kunes because they are one of the few (if only) breed of pig that survives on pasture. This and the fact that they are known for their docile, friendly manners.

With all our animals, temperment is a big factor for us. Especially when animals get into the range of weight and size bigger than yourself, we find it especially important that they get along and  never get together to plot your murder.

We’ll be breeding our first Kune Kunes in 2023. All our breeding stock are registered.

If anyone is interested, keep in mind Kune Kune are NOT mini-pigs. They are a smaller pig breed, ranging from a couple hundred pounds to three hundred and change.

They are a lard pig with exquisite tasting meat. Even when the fat is trimmed, the meat sizzles in its own juices and tastes as if it had been cooked in butter.

Meat lovers rejoice!