2024 Litters

One of our picks went out and bought a Lab instead and another moved to the next litter for better timing.

As of April 5th, 2024, we’ve got picks 4,5, and 6 of Roka and Blue’s 80’s TV show litter.  

We do plan on breeding the two again in the fall.

If you’re interested in a puppy, please fill out the application in the middle of this page.

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On every litter we;
* Take 5 Holding Fees (at any time).
* Put 3 people on priority standby. This means you absolutely want a pup, but are not paying a holding fee. These folks are contacted first if the litter is bigger than 5 pups. Priority standby does not guarantee a pup. (Please contact us immediately if you change your mind and don’t want a pup.)
* If a litter is larger than 8 pups, pups 9 and above are open to first come, first served. And often go to folks who follow us on FB.

If you really want a pup from us, we recommend you fill out the app and let us know what year and season you’re looking for a pup (we generally have a spring litter and fall litter).  

Even if our waiting list is full, you’d be surprised how often folks’ plans change and spots open up.



All pups are $1450. (including the initial holding fee)
If you’re reserving a pup a year or more out, expect up to a 10% price increase. We make an effort to keep the price of our pups accessible… but with the price of everything skyrocketing, we have no choice but to adjust accordingly.

Holding Fee:

A $300.00 non refundable holding fee reserves you a pup.

If you’re looking for something specific and it doesn’t appear in the litter, you can transfer your holding fee to a future litter or another party (if someone else you know is interested in a pup and they pass our application process).

If you change your mind before you get a pup, you do not get your holding fee back. The primary time for selling puppies is 8 weeks of age. If we reserve a puppy for you and you back out, you’ve used up key opportunity to place that pup in another home. This creates extra work and expenses for us.


Picks are issued in the order the holding fees are received.

We urge folks not to choose a pup primarily by color. It’s much more important to get the right dog in the “wrong” color, than the wrong dog in the right color.

Picks are opened after we do our prey drive tests at the beginning of week 7.

When it’s your turn, picks must be selected within 24 hours.

Don’t disappear on us. Don’t plan your vacation during the 7th week. We’re not going anywhere, we’re with the puppies, but if we can’t get in touch with you, you risk getting your pick pushed to the end of the line.

We’ll take pictures and videos as the pups grow.

Visitation opens at week 6, however due to size of litters and the pandemic, we may not be able to accommodate everyone who wants to come out before take-home day. 

Once you’ve picked, you’ve picked. All picks are final. If you’re having trouble picking, we’ll help you–that’s why we don’t let folks pick early. The longer we hold the pups, the more insight we gain into each pup, helping us match pup to family.

Please keep in mind, PICKS ARE NOT SET IN STONE.

We do our best to lock picks in when holding fees are paid.

90% of the time, if there’s a move in the pick order, it is an improvement in your pick position (someone drops off and everyone moves up.)

But there are possibilities and instances; if a family that already has a Big Cedar pup, or someone in the litter ahead of you, has a problem, where you can be bumped back in order.
The good news is, in the chance you are bumped back, rest assured you’re going to get a great pup. Some of our “pick of the litter” pups have gone near last and some pups we’ve recommended to new families have gone last.

Different folks want different things out of their pups. 


Proper socialization is key to having a biddable, competent dog.

Our pups are born in our home and handled by us from birth. We begin socialization with neurological stimulation on day 3.

As the pups grow we stress them, putting them through a series of tests and activities such as; playing fetch, introduction to a wing, introduction to a live quail, and shortly before they’re ready to leave, shooting over them with a blank pistol. 

This socialization encourages proper physical and mental development and allows us accurate insight into their unique natures. In turn, allowing us to recommend pups to new homes for looking for specific characteristics and abilities.


Our personal belief is that the best chance a pup has to establish his immune system, is to let it alone for the first 8-12 weeks of life. Healthy mom, healthy environment, healthy diet = healthy dog.

Since pups leave our home by 8 weeks, before the window of vaccination we use on our own dogs, we do not vaccinate pups.

We urge everyone to research the pros and cons of vaccines and discuss what vaccine schedule is appropriate for your situation, with your personal vet.

The core vaccines are; Distemper, Parvo, Adenovirus and Rabies.
There are a host of noncore vaccines such as; Coronavirus, Leptospirosis, Bordetella, and Lyme Disease.

Please note, our choice not to vaccinate pups before they leave is in no way to save a buck… in fact, we spend more in organic food,  supplements and probiotics to build up the pups immune system naturally, than the cost of  vaccines.

* If you require vaccines, administration can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.


We worm through diet, herbs and natural supplements.  We start the mom during pregnancy and continue with the pups from the day they are weened, until the day they leave.

If we see signs of worms and can’t get rid of them naturally, we administer medicated dewormer.

Dew Claws:

We do not remove dew claws.

The only reason to remove dew claws is for fear of them being damaged. Yes, they can tear in the field (or in a freak indoor accident) requiring surgery.

But, if you hunt or run your dogs regularly, you’re likely to see lots of other injuries requiring medical attention before anything goes bad with a dew claw. We know many more hunters who have never had a problem hunting with dew claws on, than hunters who have had accidents.

Simply put, it’s an uncommon occurrence, and to us, the pros of keeping them, outweigh the fear to remove them.


Where dew claw injuries are not frequent, with high-energy GSPs, damaged or broken full-length tails are almost guaranteed and therefore must be docked.

We dock tails to the breed standard of 40-50%. Tail docking is more art than science; we error on the side of a slightly longer, especially to get a white bob or overall better looking tail. Stubby Doberman tails don’t belong on GSPs.


We do not implant microchips.

We tattoo our own adult dogs.

The potential adverse health risks of an implant migrating, causing a tumor at the injection site, or other health complication, combined with the simple fact that they don’t always work, leads us to leave the decision whether or not you microchip to the new owner.

If you decide to chip, we ask that you add us as a secondary contact on the chip.


The full details of out health guarantee can be found in our contract, here’s the abridged version:

  • We do not breed dogs with any known serious conditions or congenital defects.
  • We will disclose any known illnesses or health issues prior to the sale. If a pup has to our knowledge, any issues beyond something minor, we will not sell it.
  • All holding fees are non-refundable. If you change your mind before you pick up the pup, you lose the holding fee. If your puppy gets sick and dies or has a serious defect before you pick it up, your holding fee gets applied to the next available puppy or litter.
  • We do not issue refunds of any kind, for any reason
  • We make no guarantee of performance.
  • Buyers are required to take their new pup to the vet within 72 hours of receiving the dog. If the dog is sick with a major congenital defect or life-threatening disease/illness, it can be returned to us for a new pup from the next available puppy or litter.
  • While we only sell healthy pups with strong genetic lines, it is impossible to foresee the future, especially when taking into consideration diet and environment. Even when breeding two OFA certified excellent hip dogs, Mother Nature says it’s still possible to have an offspring that suffers from Hip Dysplasia.

That said, we believe in our breeding program.

If a congenital defect surfaces at anytime within 3 YEARS, it can be returned to us for a new pup from the next available litter.

We do not pay, reimburse, or refund for vet bills.

Limited Registration:

Responsible breeding is a full-time job requiring a significant financial commitment.

Breeding for the breed standard, dedicated to improving the line, all of our dogs are sold with limited registration. Full registration will be granted only on a case-by-case basis, to homes willing to meet health, performance and conformation stipulations.

Pick Up Day and Boarding:

When pups turn 8 weeks (give or take a day or two depending on the dates) we notify families of a 2-day pickup window.

There’s a common misconception that since we breed dogs it’s simple and easy for us to hold on to a pup however long, until their new family is ready to come and get them.

We love all our pups, but the reality is, at 8 weeks, pups need lots of, nearly constant, attention and stimulation.

When a single pup is left behind, it no longer has any brothers and sisters to provide that attention and stimulation–which means it all falls on human shoulders. As you already know, or will soon find out, providing that attention and stimulation is a lot of work!

Remember, all our pups are raised in our home. They aren’t left in an outbuilding kennel and checked on a couple times a day.

Having a single puppy to look after in the house, along with our other five dogs, on our “working farm” (farm used loosely) demands a completely different day-to-day approach for us. It restricts what we can do and where we can go (as long as someone else’s pup is here, we’re obligated to reduce germ introduction as much as we can).

It’s best if you pick up your pup in the 48 hour window.

But we’ll always try to accommodate someone if you need another day or two. Beyond 2 days after the pickup date, we offer two levels of boarding (which despite all the complaining we just did :), we’re more than happy to do);

Basic look after: $25/day

We engage the pup, but our focus is only on keeping him safe and happy, as best we can. This includes kennel and potty training.

Starter Training: $45/day

Training doesn’t mean he’ll fetch your paper and make you scrambled eggs when you pick him up at 9 weeks. But he’ll have started on the basic obedience which will likely make your life easier in continuing your own training.

Gun Dog Training: There’s stuff you can do to promote and prepare for actual gun dog training this early, but unless you’re going to leave your pup with us for an extended stay, you may want to save the money and wait a few days until you can start your own program.


All prices and terms listed on this page are current, but are subject to change without notice.




previous litters:

(sorry, we’ve been pretty bad about updating the previous litters section, we mostly post pictures to Facebook.)

(Fall 2020 litter) January 6, 2021: 
All pups are now at the forever homes! Thank you everyone who contacted us about pups and a warm welcome to our new extended family pup owners. 

(Give us Feedback. We’re always happy to hear from folks on ways to improve our site and the information we provide on our dogs.)

Tango getting a nail trim.

Sierra wanting to get down and play!

Echo waving to the camera.

Cash who would later become “Cash Money Bentley.”

India sweet, playful India.

Oscar confident, stylish and charming.



(Fall 2019 litter): 

Miss Pink – 7 Weeks (not available)

Muzzle length: 2.125″   Paw width: 1.75″
Gentle giant. Attentive. Smart. Beautiful. Nearly solid liver on top half, strong break of white above rump.
Prey drive: High-Average-Low-Fail.
Shot over @ 8 weeks: Pass-no response.

6 weeks Pink:

5 weeks Pink:

3 weeks Pink:

Miss Yellow – 7 Weeks (not available)

Muzzle length: 1.875″   Paw width: 1.5″
Most affectionate. Sprinter. Long eye contact. Nearly solid liver on top half, two small streaks of white likely to darken with age.
Prey drive: High-Average-Low-Fail.
Shot over @ 8 weeks: Pass-noticed sound, no effect.

5 Weeks Yellow:

3 Weeks Yellow:

Mr. Green – 6 Weeks (not available)

currently @ 8 lbs 8 ounces
Muzzle length: 2.25″   Paw width: 1.75″
Talker. Good nose. Sleeps alone. Explorer. Future lady killer.
Prey drive: High-Average-Low-Fail

Green 5 Weeks:

3 Weeks Green:

Mr. Blue – 6 weeks (not available)

currently @ 7 lbs 8 ounces
Muzzle length: 2″   Paw width: 1.625″
Wants to be with humans. Eager to please.
Prey drive: High-Average-Low-Fail

5 weeks blue:

3 Weeks Blue: