Puppy Application


* You must give us your real, accurate contact info. Don’t give us a secondary email you check once in a while.

CHECK YOUR SPAM BOX daily after emailing us. Our messages get caught in spam all the time and people get upset because they never heard from us.

Typically, you’ll get an auto response within 24 hours to let you know we received your app.
If you’re approved, you’ll hear from us within 7 days. We do our best to review apps at least 1x a week.

As responsible breeders it’s our obligation to make sure our puppies go to good homes where both the pup and the owners have the best chance of a successful relationship.

To purchase a puppy from Big Cedar Pointers please fill out the form below. The application is mostly yes or no questions, and can be filled out in only a few minutes.

Only the contact information is required, but the more information you answer the greater your chance of being approved. We deal with complete applications before incomplete applications, so if you choose not to fill out the whole thing, the litter may be reserved before we even get to your application.

(If you prefer to have the application emailed to you, fill out the application request form here.)

Once we receive your completed application (either online or via email):

  1. We may ask you some additional questions and you are welcome to ask us questions.
  2. Once all questions have been resolved, we’ll send  approved applicants  a copy of our contract.
  3. Agree to the contract and send the holding fee and you’ve officially reserved yourself a Big Cedar German Shorthaired Pointer.

Our application and contract are structured plainly and simply to make sure everyone is clear on: the cost, guarantee, our responsibilities as breeders, your responsibilities as new owners, and process if there should be unforeseen problems.

It’s not our intention to be intrusive in your family’s life. Our only concern is the welfare of our pups.

Selecting a Puppy

1st pick is always reserved for Big Cedar Pointers, if we’re interested in keeping a dog from the litter… Otherwise, picks of the litter are granted in the order deposits are received.

No picks will be issued earlier than 7 weeks. This way we can assess the pups and help match them with their new families.

When a pup is reserved, we ask that you note what your primary interest is in the pup; hunting, pet, trials, etc.

Reservations with the type of dog the family is looking for will be posted on the site after the deposit is received. In this manner, families getting a pick deeper in the litter will have a better idea of what kind of dogs will be left, and  hopefully, still get exactly what they’re looking for in a dog.

If you have any questions, or experience any problems with the process, please email us; Jenn@BigCedarPointers.com