We love the German Shorthaired Pointer breed and we love our dogs.

Our GSPs bring a tremendous amount of richness and fullness to our lives–they are truly, our extended family. It’s our goal to create companions who fill the same niche for other families, whether they’re working hard pointing game, prancing around the show ring, hogging space on the couch, or knocking furniture over with the kids during the ten o’clock zoomies.

You may find we do things a bit different here at Big Cedar…


First and foremost, we breed for healthy dogs.

Next we breed for disposition–attentive dogs, eager to please their humans.

Next we breed for conformation, recognizing breed standards and striving for a sleek, attractive dog. The truth is, hunting is in their blood. Nearly all GSPs can do “it,” but our dogs make “it” look good  🙂

From this point on, because the German Shorthaired Pointer is so versatile, our focus shifts from trying to control the vast set of variables in dog breeding, to identifying these variables. We don’t set out to only capture a single quality, but rather celebrate all the qualities that make a GSP such an outstanding companion–whether a pup has an exceptional nose, prey drive, biddability, affinity for water, etc.

With this approach in mind, we’re able to accommodate the right dogs for the right homes, whether you’re an avid hunter looking for a pup who will go all day long in the woods, or a homebody, searching for the perfect family dog.